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About Us

In 100 Years

While we're deeply rooted in history, we're always looking toward the future. Let us share our vision with you.

Our Mission for Today and Tomorrow, in honor of Yesterday

While our history serves as a testament to our artisans' passion and craftsmanship, our vision for the future is to support our clients, our community, and our peers. We wish to leave the world a better, more beautiful place for our children, and for our childrens’ children.

As such, in every restoration we perform, we carry on the work of the generations’ past, to be carefully preserved for decades to come. When the homes we restore were originally built, an artisan carefully cut every joint and molded every piece with the care and attention to detail that remains 100 years later for our younger generations to admire, and to wonder about what once was. In 100 years we hope for the same to be said for the homes that our great-grandchildren reside in. By restoring functionality and life in timeless homes, we guarantee a future where history remains and enjoyment coincides with the curiosity of the past in the present.

In addition to preserving history and protecting the future, we have a strong commitment to ensuring our company is ethical and environmentally friendly. We work to source our supplies from regional and local vendors who share values such as ours. We maintain a diverse and welcoming team of craftspeople and are committed to safe and sustainable practices that are used at all points in the process. Our skillsets and engineering may be rooted in centuries old traditional practices, but we harness all of the tools and technology of the current age to get the job done right.

We are proud to be a thriving company and in creating jobs locally. Our community is our greatest asset, and we are committed to giving back in every way we can.

To us, service is everything.

We pride ourselves on providing unique and catered customer service that is guaranteed to fit your needs.