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About Us

Our Services

Our offerings are carefully designed to bring the most quality craftsmanship to your home, business, or residence.

Full Restoration

Extending past simply repairing basic functionality, a full restoration will bring windows to a gorgeous, like-new quality. Full restoration includes doing any repairs to basic functionality as well as repairing any rot, damage, and wear-and-tear while simultaneously enhancing aesthetics, increasing energy efficiency, beautification, and so much more. This option is ideal for those hoping to make even the oldest and most venerable windows even better than the day they were installed.

Storm Window and Installation Repair

Each home is unique, and with storm windows, one size does not fit all. We offer a variety of storm windows to meet the unique requirements of every individual house. From a myriad of color options, sizes, styles, and features, proper selection will ensure a look that enhances the home and never detracts from the aesthetics of historic windows. All of our storm windows are energy efficient and meet even the most strict guidelines for all city, state, and federal regulatory boards.


Restoring an old property is a rewarding—but challenging—project, It often can be a large undertaking, filled with surprises around every corner. Having a professional in your corner who has been there time and time again will make a world of difference in avoiding any potential mistakes, saving money, and ensuring that the preservation of the property is done right. If you are a homeowner looking to restore your home, an architect in the developmental stages, or a contractor working on a residential, commercial, or government project, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice, guides, write-ups, or resources.

To us, service is everything.

We pride ourselves on providing unique and catered customer service that is guaranteed to fit your needs.