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Why Restore

There are so many reasons to restore, all equally as important! Let us walk you through some of them.

Helping you make the best decision possible

If you’re contemplating the restoration of your windows or doors, you’ve come to the right place! Perhaps you are experiencing air leakage. Maybe some rot has accumulated, due to age. Or quite possibly the wood or glass is cracked. While old wood windows are beautiful and durable, they can fall apart if neglected or if there have been extreme outside conditions. Old wood windows can become rotted from mold and moisture. Pests like termites and beetles love wood and often enjoy such a delicious meal! For the long-term safety and health of windows, exterior coatings are crucial. These vulnerable points are vital to the longevity of windows, regardless of whether the original design applied paint, oil, stain or powder-coated steel. Lastly, the windows might not be very efficient depending on the age of your house. This could lead to it getting very cold in winter and very hot during summer.

No matter the reason, restoration is always a rewarding project that ensures aesthetics and longevity of your cherished home. Let us help you make an informed decision.

First, we must inspect our windows and doors.The most critical spot to evaluate when inspecting an older window is the bottom edge. This is where moisture and rot combine. They are good candidates for restoration if the wood is soft or the metal has rusted beyond what is normal. Restoration will be hugely successful in fixing damaged seals, cracked glass, mechanical failure, deteriorated wood or glazing, and so much more.

A great question to ask is, are old windows reusable? The restorability of your window may be revealed by a careful inspection of the frame and seams that run along the edges of the glass. Generally, the lifespan of a window is 20-40 years. Older construction methods that used steel framing and hardwood were built to withstand the test of time. Modern windows, however, are made from vinyl or plastic. Windows can be maintained for many generations if you are willing to perform routine maintenance (and, our specialty, a restoration of the original product).

There are several criteria in evaluation the scope of the restoration project, such as custom pieces that may be required for non-standard sizes of windows, replacing or repairing rotted trim, any historical architectural requirements that need to be met, and making sure the window repairs comply with current code standards

The most common concern is if restoration is worth the cost. The answer is: Yes! It is almost always worth it. Sources such as HomeAdvisor estimate that you will get a 70% return on your investment when your house is sold. Additionally, old windows can be made more energy efficient, which can help homeowners save on electric bills. Similarly, the pride of ownership and the joy in seeing a perfectly restored, perfectly functional window or door cannot be overestimated. Some art is priceless, after all!

To us, service is everything.

We pride ourselves on providing unique and catered customer service that is guaranteed to fit your needs.